Okeanos supercomputer has started

On June 20, we took part in the session devoted to the results of preliminary runs within the “Early Science” programme, held by the Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical Modeling of the Warsaw University.

Our binary black hole mergers simulations, as well as the modeling of black hole accretion flows and shocks, are now computed on the new Okeanos machine in ICM. This supercomputer is located in the new Technology Center of the ICM, and is composed of more than a thousand of 24-core nodes. The machine is devoted to massive large-scale computations.

On the photo below: Petra, Agnieszka and Szymon, in front of Okeanos supercomputer.



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Grant proposal submitted to NCN

Mikołaj Grzędzielski submitted his proposal to the “Preludium” grant category of the Polish National Science Center. This call is for proposals prepared by the pre-doctoral researchers who are about to embark on their scientific career. The topic of Mikołaj’s research, conducted under supervision of prof. Agnieszka Janiuk, is studying the viscosity mechanism in accretion disks.


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X-IFU Athena Meeting

On May 23-25, Agnieszka Janiuk participated, as the member of the Science Advisory Team,  in the 3rd X-IFU Consortium meeting. The meeting was held at SRON in Utrecht, the Netherlands. X-IFU stands for the X-ray Integral Field Unit, which is the instrument that will be placed onboard the Athena satellite.


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