Summer School on Modern Astrophysics

On 2 - 13 July 2018 at the MIPT campus in Dolgoprudny near Moscow, Russia, Ishika Palit from CFT Astrophysics group participated in the 14th Summer School on Modern Astrophysics. This time, the school’s focus was on theory, simulations, and observations of a wide range of astrophysics phenomena: fast-radio bursts, magnetars, neutron star mergers and electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational waves, supernovae explosions, and protoplanetary accretion disks. The website, list of lecturers, and the programme of the school can be found under this link.



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“Psi2″ workshop on GRBs and Supernovae

On July 1-15, Agnieszka Janiuk and Jeremy Mortier participated in the Gamma SN program: “Gamma Ray Bursts and Supernovae – from the central engines to the observer” which took place at the Universite Paris-Sud at the Campus in Orsay. The Gamma SN program falls within the framework of PSI2, a strategic research initiative of the Paris-Saclay University.   The project aims to foster advancements with regards to important and challenging issues in Physical Sciences and their interfaces in bringing together experts from a specific field for a sustained period of time in single location. The website of the current program can be found under this link.


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