Multimessenger conference

On October 7-15, Agnieszka Janiuk participated in the meeting on “The multi-messenger astronomy: gamma-ray bursts, search for electromagnetic counterparts to neutrino events and gravitational waves”. It was held in the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in Niznij Arkhyz, Russia.

The website of the conference can be found here .



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Article about evolving Kerr Metric accepted to ApJ

Our new article, entitled “Accretion in a dynamical spacetime and spinning up of the black hole in the gamma ray burst central engine”, by Agnieszka Janiuk, Petra Sukova and Ishika Palit, has been accepted to the Astrophysical Journal. We present here a new model for the evolution of a quasi-spherical, slowly rotating accretion flow around a black hole, whose mass and spin evolve adequately to the mass-energy transfer through the horizon, and the Kerr metric evolves accodrdingly. The arXiV preprint of the paper can be found here.

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