Astronomers Dance

On March 2, the last Saturday of the Carnival, in Warsaw (place of the Dance Academy Sulewski), we held the Astronomer’s Dance. The event was organized by the Polish Astronomical Society. Thanks a lot for a fantastic party.


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PhD position opening in our group

The Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, a leading institute of the GeoPlanet Doctoral School, offers the opportunity to carry out graduate studies leading to a PhD degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics. The PhD studies are related to subjects pursued at the Copernicus Center including observational and theoretical astrophysics as well as cosmology.

Among the proposed topics for PhD these, the Astrophysics Group at CTP PAS offers:

Subject: Nucleosynthesis in black hole accretion flows

Advisor: Dr hab. Agnieszka Janiuk, prof. CFT PAN (

Co-advisor: Dr hab. Michał Bejger, prof. CAMK PAN


The proposed PhD topic involves numerical modeling of the general relativistic magneto-hydrodynamical evolution of the accretion flow in a GRB central engine, and the following nucleosynthesis. The latter task involves usage of the nuclear reaction network codes and libraries (code Skynet, see Lippuner & Roberts 2017). The MHD simulations are performed with our own version of the code HARM-COOL (see

We expect that prospective candidates have a basic knowledge of programming techniques and numerical methods, and are strongly motivated for research in astrophysics.

Full description, and instruction of how to apply for this stipend, is given at the NCAC website under this link and for our specific topic look here.

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