XIIIth Frascati Workshop

On 3-8 June in Palermo, Italy, our colleagues held the XIIIth Frascati Workshop on Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources. The achievements of CTP PAS Astrophysics group were presented in two talks by prof. Janiuk, first on the „GLADIS: Global Accretion Disk Instability Simulation code”, and also on the modeling of GRB central engines and jets, in the talk on the Multimessanger Signals from Short Gamma ray Bursts”.

On the photo below: Dorota Rosińska (Warsaw Univ.), Franco Giovanelli (INAR Roma), Agnieszka Janiuk (CTP PAS), and Janusz Ziółkowski (Copernicus Atronomical Center).



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