Workshop on computational astrophysics

On 15-21 September, in Skt. Petersburg, the Commission B1 of the International Astronomical Union organized the meeting on “Challenges and Innovations in Computational Astrophysics”. Several tens of specialists from all world (at least post-doctoral level) presented their newest achievements, techniques and results of computer simulations in astrophysics. The website with the program of this meeting can be found here. Under this link the IAU presents the full list of members of Commission B1 of Computational Astrophysics. In this repository one can find the links and descriptions of computer codes in their publicly available versions to be used by the astronomical community.

Agnieszka Janiuk from CTP PAS presented in the meeting her results on the “Modeling of black hole accretion flows with GR MHD”.


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Polish Society on Relativity conference

On September 23-26 in Szczecin, at the Maritime Academy, the Polish Society on Relativity PoToR held its 6th meeting. Among the invited speakers, we had a pleasure to hear lectures given by the leading specialists in the relativistic astrophysics discipline: prof. Masaru Shibata (Yukawa Institute, Kyoto, Japan), prof. Jose Font (University of Valencia, Spain), oraz prof. Tsvi Piran (Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem, Israel).
From CTP PAS, Agnieszka Janiuk presented selected talk on “Magnetized outflows from accreting black holes after neutron star merger”, and Ishika Palit presented a contribution in the parallel session, entitled „Accretion in a dynamical spacetime and the spinning up of the black hole in collapsars”.


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PTA meeting

On September 9-12, in Olsztyn, we participated in the meeting of the Polish Astronomical Society. Ishika Palit showed a poster contribution entitled “Mass and spin constraint on black holes associated with long GRBs in the Collapsar model”. Also, the MSc student Dominika Król, has presented her new contribution on the “Evolution of the black hole mass and spin in collapsars for rotating and magnetized pre-supernovae”.

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