Extraordinary Congress of Polish Physicists

On October 16-18 in Warsaw, we held XLVI Extraordinary Congress of Polish Physicists.

Because of pandemics, the event has been postponed from April 2020. Moreover, the form of this event was hybrid, and the lectures were presented in the Auditorium of the Warsaw University of technology, while majority of participants were joined remotely, and watched the lectures on the Youtube channel.

All events of the Congress are available under the links on the website: https://100lat.ptf.net.pl/?page=programme and https://100lat.ptf.net.pl/?page=posters. The Organizers encourage also to spend some time and learn the materials about education in physics: https://100lat.ptf.net.pl/?page=bazaar.

The astrophysicists from CTP PAS presented a poster about “Cosmic gamma ray bursts” (aut. Agnieszka Janiuk and Bestin James).


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Virtual Conference of POTOR

On September 24-26, we held the Virtual Conference of the Polish Society on Relativity 2020.
The young researchers from CFT, Ishika Palit and Michal Zajaczek, gave presentations of their current science projects results, during the 1st day  of the meeting.
CFT PAS actively participated in the organization of this conference, which aims to bring Polish and foreign relativists together to exchange ideas on a broad range of subjects related to General Relativity.
The conference is divided into six plenary sessions:
Mathematical and Numerical Relativity
Relativistic Astrophysics
Gravitational Waves
Quantum Gravity and Quantum Cosmology
Beyond General Relativity
We have more than 180 registered participants.
The program consist of 6 keynote lectures, 12 invited reviews, and 34 contributions, selected out of over 150 submitted abstracts.

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