12th X-IFU Consortium meeting

On November 2-6, the 12th X-IFU Consortium meeting was organized, in a virtual form on Zoom platform.  The Agenda of the meeting included 3 plenary sessions, with science talks related to high-energy astrophysics, plus reports on system engineering for the built X-IFU detector onboard the Athena Satellite. In parallel session, the XSAT (Science Advisory Team) XISC (Instrument Science Center) and XCAT (Calibration Team) had their meetings to present the activity reports.

More than 120 participants attended he meeting on-line sessions.

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RagTime conference in Opava (virtual)

On October 19-23, we participated in the 22nd RAGTime workshop organized by our colleagues in Opava. This time, the meeting was virtual. It was also celebrating the 70th birthday of Professor Zdenek Stuchlik.

The CTP astrophysics group presented our results, on the modeling of relativistic jets (Bestin James), black hole spin-up in collapsars (Agnieszka Janiuk) and wind-fed accretion in Cygnus X-1 (Ishika Palit). The website of the conference is here under this link. All lectures have been recorded and are available on youtube channel under this link .


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