PoToR Conference

The 7th annual conference of the Polish Society on Relativity was held at the Łódź University of Technology on September 20-23.

Our team participated there with two talks presented on the “Cosmology and Astrophysics” session. Bestin James presented talk on “Numerical study of magnetically dominated jets from accreting black hole sources” and Agnieszka Janiuk talk was about “Magnetically arrested accretion flows near the black hole horizon”. Website of the conference can be found here.Fig1b_dump2500_NS100_r10_xy

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40th anniversary of CTP PAS

On August 30th – September 3rd, the Center for Theoretical Physics, PAS, celebrated its 40(+!) anniversary. The center was established in 1980, and

the actual anniversary was postponed until this year, due to pandemic of 2020. This year, we organized a beautiful, live event to promote and celebrate our research activities and 40years development.

The website of the conference, and the book of abstracts, is under this link.

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