Article about kilonova accepted to Astrophysical Journal

The article about kilonova has been accepted to the Astrophysical Journal. We discuss here the possibility of synthesis of heavy nuclei, up to Thorium and Uranium, in the r-process that takes place in the unbound outflows from accretion disk in a short GRB engine. Such outflows are rich in radioactive heavy nuclei, and manifest themselves as the kilonova emission. Such event has been detected after the gamma ray burst coincident with GW 170817, which was the gravitational wave source emitting due to the coalescence of binary neutron stars.
The preprint of our article (A. Janiuk, 2019) can be found under this link.

In the Figure below: the abundance pattern of isotopes synthesized in the r-process on the trajectories within the outflow from accretion disk. (Grey lines represent individual trajectories, and red line is the angle-averaged distribution). Blue points present the observed abundances of heavy elements detected in the Solar System.


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