Magnetic field in the accreting torus around the spinning black hole in Kerr metric

A more complex situation is when the matter forms a non-spherically-symmetric structure and is magnetized. The two simulations below take those factors into account. The gas initially forms a so-called Fishbone-Moncrief torus in a poloidal (first simulation) or toroidal (second simulation) magnetic field. The compact object in the center is a rotating (Kerr) black hole, with mass equal to 3 solar masses and an angular momentum of 0.98. The colors show the density profile in the r-theta planes, in units of g/cm3 as shown on the bar to the right. The white lines are the magnetic field lines. Click on the movie to see how the torus evolves and the open magnetic field lines form along the vertical axis, which is the axis of a jet. (Simulations with the code HARM-2D. Author: Bartek Kamiński)


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