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ESO Telescope time awarded to CFT-led team!


ESO Telescope time awarded to CFT-led team!


Prof. Bożena Czerny and her team were awarded the observing time with the ESO telescopes. Poland is the member of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) but this does not garantee a share of the observing time. The observing time is awadred through a selection process only to the best proposals. The project lead by B. Czerny received 7.3 hours on one of the four 8-meter VLT letescopes and 4 full observing nights on the 3.6-m NTT telescope in La Silla. Project aims to test whether the standard methods of the supermassive black hole mass measurements apply to all types of active galaxies. Planned observation of the polarized spectrum will show if the sources claimed to have extremely small masses and high accretion rates are actually seen along the symmetry axis and the previous black hole mass measurement is wrong by a factor ten. The team consists of B. Czerny (PI), P. Marziani, J.-M. Wang, D. Pu, L. Popovic i V. Afanasiev. Observations will be performed in late autumn/winter period.


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