Ladies and Gentlemen. Due to the coronavirus epidemic in Poland, the CTP PAS is operating in a limited way. In particular, until further notice the secretariat and the accountancy of the CTP PAS will be working only remotely. Contact with the administration is possible only by an e-mail. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

PhD position at Center for Theoretical Physics.


The Director of the Center for Theoretical Physics PAS invites applications for 2 PhD positions at the CTP PAS, financed from the project "Local relativistic perturbation theory in hydrodynamics and cosmology" No. 2016/22/E/ST9/00578 (SONATA BIS 6) supported by the National Science Center, decision No. DEC-2016/22/E/ST9/00578. The principal investigator is Prof. Mikolaj Korzynski.


Personal data form (pdf), (doc)

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