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Dr hab. Wojciech Hellwing and Dr Maciej Bilicki from CTP PAS has been awarded funding in the 3rd edition of Polish-German bilateral research programs - BEETHOVEN CLASSIC.



Dr. hab. Wojciech Hellwing and Dr. Maciej Bilicki from our Institute, together with a partner from AIP Leibniz Institute at Postadm - prof. Dr. Noam Libeskind has been awarded funding for the LUSTRE project (Local UniverSe Tests of gRavity and dark Energy) in the 3rd edition of Polish-German bilateral research programs - BEETHOVEN CLASSIC.

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The main goals of the LUSTRE project are related to the biggest open questions in contemporary science. One of those is to find and explain the physical mechanism responsible for accelerated expansion of the Universe. These unprecedentedly difficult problems call for implementation and development of the most advanced and novel techniques of computer simulation and data analysis.

In this project we aim to test dark energy and gravity by studying in great detail the formation of the local universe and to use the local universe as a cosmological laboratory to study the nature of gravity and dark energy. Specifically we aim to run constrained simulations of the local universe assuming standard dark energy (GR) and proposed alternative such as modifications to gravity, in an effort to provide new independent ways of ruling one in or out.

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