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Employee publications Mgr Shubhayan Sarkar

9 publications published to July 2021 in ORCID

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1. (2/2021) Sarkar, Shubhayan
Certification of incompatible measurements using quantum steering
arXiv:2107.02937v2, , , 2021-07-01  🥇

2. (1/2021) Shubhayan Sarkar;
Universal notion of classicality based on ontological framework
arXiv:2104.14355v1, , , 2021-04-28  🥈


3. (4/2019) Shubhayan Sarkar; Debashis Saha; Jędrzej Kaniewski; Remigiusz Augusiak;
Self-testing quantum systems of arbitrary local dimension with minimal number of measurements
arXiv:1909.12722v2, , , 2019-09-27  🥉

6. (1/2019) Sarkar, Shubhayan; Benjamin, Colin;
Quantum Nash equilibrium in the thermodynamic limit
QUANTUM INFORMATION PROCESSING, 10.1007/s11128-019-2237-2, 1570-0755, , , 2019-04-01


7. (3/2018) Sarkar, Shubhayan; Datta, Chandan;
Can quantum discord increase in a quantum communication task?
QUANTUM INFORMATION PROCESSING, 10.1007/s11128-018-2019-2, 1570-0755, , , 2018-09-01

8. (2/2018) Colin Benjamin; Shubhayan Sarkar;
Emergence of Cooperation in the thermodynamic limit
arXiv:1803.10083v1, , , 2018-03-27

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Employee publications Mgr Shubhayan Sarkar

2 publications published to December 2021 in PBN

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