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Employee publications Dr Tanmay Singal

6 publications published to April 2021 in ORCID

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1. (1/2021) Tanmay Singal; Filip B. Maciejewski; Michał Oszmaniec;
Implementation of quantum measurements using classical resources and only a single ancillary qubit
arXiv:2104.05612v1, , , 2021-04-12  🥇


2. (2/2019) Spiros Kechrimparis; Tanmay Singal; Chahan M. Kropf; Joonwoo Bae;
Preserving measurements for optimal state discrimination over quantum channels
PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 10.1103/physreva.99.062302, 2469-9926, , , 2019-06-03  🥈

3. (1/2019) Tanmay Singal; Eunsang Kim; Sibasish Ghosh;
Structure of minimum error discrimination for linearly independent states
PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 10.1103/physreva.99.052334, 2469-9926, , , 2019-05-23  🥉


4. (1/2017) Tanmay Singal; Ramij Rahaman; Sibasish Ghosh; Guruprasad Kar;
Necessary condition for local distinguishability of maximally entangled states: Beyond orthogonality preservation
PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 10.1103/physreva.96.042314, 2469-9926, , , 2017-10-11


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