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Colloquium details

Name Center for Theoretical Physics Colloquium
Title Neutron stars in the era of multi-messenger astronomy

Neutron stars are still almost as mysterious as during the moment of their observational discovery more than 50 years ago. Today however we are equipped in a set of modern observational tools that help us uncover their secrets, closely related to the state of the densest matter existing in the Universe. In this talk I will present our knowledge of neutron stars, as we understand them thanks to observations in various electromagnetic domains and in gravitational waves, and discuss the prospects of the multi-messenger observations in the future.

Time Wednesday, 5 February 2020, at 12:10 CET The seminar was held!

Dr hab. Michał Bejger  (CAMK PAN)

Seminar Language English
Organisers Maciej Bilicki; Adam Sawicki; Krzysztof Pawłowski; Julius Serbenta;