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Seminar details

Name Quantum Information and Quantum Computing working group
Title Photon distinguishability and loss: Quantum decoherence & classical simulation
Boson Sampling is the problem of sampling from the same distribution as indistinguishable single photons applied to a random unitary interferometer. It is hailed as an example of an exponential quantum speedup which is achievable in the near future, without the need for a fault tolerant quantum computer. However, a significant question is the extent to which imperfections, such as photons not interfering due to distinguishability or loss, impact that speedup. Here we give two results. First, we discuss how linear optics can be pictured as a quantum circuit, and show that this model can be generalised so that distinguishability and loss represent decoherence in this quantum circuit. We then use this model to provide a new classical algorithm for Boson Sampling under uniform distinguishability and loss, and discuss its merits & weaknesses when trying to simulate near-term Boson Sampling experiments.

The talk will be based on the recent paper:
Alexandra E Moylett, Raúl García-Patrón, Jelmer J Renema, and Peter S Turner, Classically simulating near-term partially-distinguishable and lossy boson samplingQuantum Science and Technology 5, 1 (2019).

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Topic: Quantum Information and Quantum Computing Working Group

Time: May 14, 2020, 04:00 PM Warsaw

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Time Thursday, 14 May 2020, at 16:00 CEST The seminar was held!

Dr Alexandra Moylett  (Riverlane)

Seminar Language English
Organisers Michał Oszmaniec; Filip Maciejewski;