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1. (1/2022) Shashank Gupta; Debarshi Das; Chellasamy Jebarathinam; Arup Roy; Shounak Datta; A. S. Majumdar;
“All-versus-nothing” proof of genuine tripartite steering and entanglement certification in the two-sided device-independent scenario
QUANTUM STUDIES: MATHEMATICS AND FOUNDATIONS, 10.1007/s40509-021-00261-x, 2196-5609, , , 2022-01-19  🥇


2. (1/2021) Ananda G. Maity; Shiladitya Mal; Chellasamy Jebarathinam; A. S. Majumdar;
Self-testing of binary Pauli measurements requiring neither entanglement nor any dimensional restriction
PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 10.1103/PhysRevA.103.062604, , , 2021-06-04  🥈


3. (2/2020) Jebarathinam, C.; Home, Dipankar; Sinha, Urbasi;
Pearson correlation coefficient as a measure for certifying and quantifying high-dimensional entanglement
PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 10.1103/physreva.101.022112, 2469-9926, , , 2020-02-24  🥉

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