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1. (5/2021) Maciej Łebek; Andrzej Syrwid; Piotr T. Grochowski; Kazimierz Rzążewski;
Repulsive dynamics of strongly attractive one-dimensional quantum gases
arXiv:2107.05594v1, , , 2021-07-12  🥇

2. (4/2021) Łebek, Maciej
Beyond Gross-Pitaevskii equation for 1D gas: quasiparticles and solitons
arXiv:2106.15289v1, , , 2021-06-29  🥈

3. (3/2021) Maciej Lebek; Pawel Jakubczyk;
Thermodynamic Casimir forces in strongly anisotropic systems within the $N o infty$ class
SCIPOST PHYSICS CORE, 10.21468/scipostphyscore.4.2.016, 2666-9366, , , 2021-06-07  🥉

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