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Research Interests

  • Active galactic nuclei (AGNs)
  • Gravitational Instability
  • Accretion Disks

Last 3 Publications - ORCID

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1. (6/2021) Mohammad-Hassan Naddaf; Bozena Czerny;
Mass loss rate of accretion disk in FRADO
2021arXiv211208082N,, , , 2021-12-01  🥇

2. (5/2021) Mohammad-Hassan Naddaf; Bozena Czerny;
FRADO explains the Low Ionized Broad Emission Lines of AGNs
ARXIV E-PRINTS, 2021arXiv211114963N, 2111.14963, , , 2021-11-01  🥈

3. (4/2021) Naddaf, Mohammad-Hassan; Czerny, Bożena; Szczerba, Ryszard;
The Picture of BLR in 2.5D FRADO: Dynamics and Geometry
THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 10.3847/1538-4357/ac139d, 2021ApJ...920...30N, arXiv:2102.00336, , , 2021-10-01  🥉

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