Black hole binaries in “Delta”

The popular-science article on Black Hole X-ray Binaries, written by Agnieszka Janiuk (CFT) and Andrzej Zdziarski (CAMK) has been published this month in Delta magazine. The electronic version of the article (in Polish) is available here.


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GRB and gravitational waves in GW 150914

Our article, “On the possible gamma-ray burst — gravitational wave association in GW150914″, by Agnieszka Janiuk, Michał Bejger, Szymon Charzyński and Petra Sukova, has been accepted by New Astronomy and is now available on-line, under this link. Also, the updated preprint is on arXiV, here.


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Computational Plasma Astrophysics

Petra Sukova, on July 18-29, 2016, participated in the summer school on “Prospects in Theoretical Physics – Computational Plasma Astrophysics”, organised by the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton. The topics of the school cover different approaches to astrophysical plasma, such as magnetohydrodynamics, kinetic theory, magnetic confinement of plasma or the problematic of black hole magnetosphere and jet launching. The website of the school, and some on-line materials, are available under this link.


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