Kavli summer school

On July 10 – August 18, the Kavli Summer Program in astrophysics, 2017,  hosted more than 60 scientists from all over the world. The school was this time co-organized by the Niels Bohr Institute and Dark Cosmology Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. The science was focussed on the scientific ramifications of the gravitational wave detections.

Agnieszka Janiuk participated there as one of the long-term faculty physicists, to supervise the student’s project. Our project topic was to study the low angular momentum accretion flows in the context of LIGO black holes formation. Project was led by the PhD student, Ms Ariadna Murguia from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Our seenior team members were also prof. Ilya Mandel (U. Birmingham), prof. Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz (UCSC) and dr Aldo Batta (UCSC).

The website of the 2017 program can be found here.

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