Welcome to the website of the Astrophysics group in Center for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences

We are astronomers and physicists and we are fascinated by numerical astrophysics. The group is led by prof. Agnieszka Janiuk and exists in the Center for Theoretical Physics since 2011. Our high-energy astrophysics group at CFT studies the properties of plasma around cosmic black holes in the Universe in all scales of masses. We are modelling the processes of black hole accretion and plasma ejection through numerical simulations, and we try to confront the results of our modelling with the phenomena observed in the high energy sky. We actively cooperate with scientists from many other institutions in Poland and abroad.


Figure above shows  the magnetic field configuration and resulting density structure in the torus and jet funnel, after a few hundred dynamical timescales, as computed with the magneto-hydrodynamical HARM_COOL  scheme  (in a 2d setup, neutrinos here neglected). The initial condition was the pressure equilibrium torus, embedded with a magnetic field exerted by a circular wire. Central object is a Kerr black hole with spin a=0.9. Source: publication by Kostas Sapountzis and Agnieszka Janiuk (2019, Astrophysical Journal, vol. 873, p. 12).

On our website you can find information about our group and collaborators, the description of our current research, links to scientific papers published in the peer-reviewed journals and to their arXiV preprints, as well as slides of our presentations with conference talks and scientific seminars. We also publish the links to our popular-science articles that are available in the web (mostly in Polish). Have a nice reading!

The news about our group activities are posted a few times per month in the blog entries.

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The figure below shows the distribution of heavy isotopes, as the function of their mass number, as synthesized in the outflow ejecta from the accretion disk around black hole, that formed after the binary neutron star merger. Source: simulation of disk structure with code HARM_COOL, postprocessed with nuclear reaction network code Skynet. Publication: Agnieszka Janiuk (2019, ApJ, 882, 163)



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